Honeymoon Room

LKR 29,900 / per night
Honeymoon Room
Max. Guests
2 Adults / 0 Children
Booking Nights
1 Min.
Bed Type
King Bed
52 m²

An inn suite enhanced for honeymooners will in general have an unmistakable look – yet it’s infrequently the stuff of Architectural Digest designs: White or pastel-shaded dividers. A four-banner bed with a strong extra-large sleeping pad, maybe so distant from the ground a little stepping stool is called for. High-string tally white sheets, a duvet, and a beautiful bed scarf. Maybe an overhang. An adoration seat. Rather than a work area, a vanity table. Thick covering in a cool environment, finished wood floors in a warm one. Deliberately positioned mirrors.
Containers to hold since a long time ago stemmed red roses. Furthermore, a shower large enough for two.

The most sentimental spaces for wedding trip couples additionally have an alcove to snuggle up on together. What’s more, if it’s under a window where you can watch out and dream together, that is far superior.

Look Before You Leap
As one slips the lodgings evolved way of life, special first-night facilities will in general get cheesier and cheesier: Creaky white wicker furniture. Special first night suite contains a TV and offers Wi-Fi. Fastidious bed covers. Priscilla shades. Cushioned floor coverings. Dusty trim. Dividers you wouldn’t have any desire to review with a dark light. Baths molded like anything other than baths. Also, to top it all off, a bed that lists in the center. Except if you think a news power outage is a solitary way you will want to zero in on each other while you are away, you might be most joyful maintaining a strategic distance from such a spot. Contact us for a honeymoon room. Accordingly, you can stay luxuriously in a honeymoon room with more amenities.

Room Availability

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